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Andy Bowyer owner of Middlefork Luxury Homes Chicago

Andrew Bowyer
President and Founder

With over two decades of experience in architecture and finance, Andy understands how to build homes that are both timeless in design and a strong investment. 

Andy started Middlefork Luxury Home Builders out of a realization following the 2008 market crash that, in the neighborhood of Lincoln Park, there was still a demand for high-end houses but no supply. After seeing multiple developers go out of business due to market conditions and poor practices, Andy studied the trends and discovered that luxury homes were the only market moving and decided to dive into the world of luxury home building himself. After several years of building boutique spec homes, his observations and research led him towards custom home building in order to work with clients in achieving their specific design goals in their dream homes. Andy takes his passion and experience into every new project and is intimately involved in every aspect, guiding clients throughout the process of building their dream home.

Andy has been a Chicago resident for over 30 years and has lived in the Lincoln Park neighborhood for over 15 of those years. Andy’s own home is full of activity with 4 kids and 2 Bichon Frises running around (which are his 5th and 6th Bichons, by the way!) and during his downtime, you can often find Andy hitting the ski slopes, playing tennis with his family, or taking his kids on unique and educational trips.

Kyle Young Middlefork Luxury Homes chicago

Kyle Young
Senior Project Manager

Kyle grew up in Geneva, IL and graduated from Purdue with a degree in Building Construction Management. Kyle has been with the Middlefork Luxury team for 4+ years and has been in the construction industry for over a decade, and in that time he’s worked on a wide variety of projects from a $35M large prison expansion in Colorado to an indoor/outdoor luxury hospice facility in the Chicago suburbs to countless residential construction projects. His wide range of experience has made him a dynamic asset to the Middlefork Luxury team! 

The aspect Kyle treasures most in his role is being able to make clients’ dream homes a reality. Most of Middlefork’s clients are successful in their industry and have been saving for years to afford a home of this magnitude, and he feels an intense sense of pride when his skills and work can play a significant role in making their dream come true that they’ve worked so hard to build.
When he’s not building homes, Kyle is usually doing some sort of adventure sport like dirt biking, skiing, snowmobiling, rock climbing, trail running, or sailing.

Carlos Franceschi superintendent Middlefork Luxury Homes chicago

Carlos Franceschi
Jobsite Superintendent

Carlos’ love for the Chicago area runs deep, as he grew up in the Humbolt Park neighborhood and has now established roots for his own family here. Carlos’ career started in the automotive industry and eventually progressed to construction, but has always been focused on managing teams. When he transitioned to the construction industry, he worked his way up to managing a large crew of 50 in the construction and installation of temporary party structures. It was there that he found his passion for construction and after completing a trade school course on residential construction framing practices while simultaneously doing building maintenance for a large 240 unit residential complex, he started managing labor with Middlefork and hasn’t looked back since.

Carlos has been with the Middlefork Luxury team for 3+ years and his favorite part of his job is the visual evidence of his hard work, that he gets to accomplish something real every day on the job. When he’s not at work, Carlos enjoys family time with his wife and three boys, and his weekends are often filled with watching lots of kids football and basketball games next to his wife and enjoying family movie nights together.

Peggy Monahan

Peggy has more than 20 years of experience working in design, analysis and financial services.  She started Grand House LLC in 2014, where she implements a structured project management process to facilitate design objectives for her clients.  Since that time, Grand House and Middlefork have collaborated to bring the expertise of both firms to a larger client-base.

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