What Does it Mean to be a “Luxury Home Builder?”

What Does it Mean to be a “Luxury Home Builder?”

You’ve likely heard of more than a few different types of home builders: tract, spec, semi-custom, custom…but what does it mean to be a “luxury home builder?” All of these different types of builders have their own specialties and clientele, but luxury home builders are who take home building and customization to a whole new level. 

chicago luxury home at night

As a luxury builder, we create unique, high-end homes that you won’t find anywhere else. This means that we design and build homes from scratch, working directly alongside our clients, designers, architects, engineers, and specialty contractors to create a one-of-a-kind home that is responsive to each family’s program goals. What you’ll find when working with a semi-custom home builder is that they come with a set of pre-existing floor plans to choose from and while you can customize them to an extent, there’s only so much “tweaking” you can do. Rather than making you choose from a selection of cookie-cutter homes, we design custom floor plans unique to your wants, needs and site and where you can select every single finish to suit your taste! 

Another factor that sets luxury builders apart is the quality of not only the finishes but the craftsmanship of every detail inside the home. Intricate tile work, elaborate staircases, and detailed trim work are just a few of the high-caliber finishes that are built into most of the stunning homes we get to create. Details like this take time and highly-skilled craftsmen to complete, which is why we hold a tight network of the Chicago area’s most talented artisans! Building a luxury home is a collaborative effort, so we take our business relationships very seriously in order to serve our clients the best possible product at the end of their build.

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Finally, what we consider to be the most distinctive element of being a luxury builder is the longevity of the homes we build. We create homes that are designed to be in the family for generations to come, iconic residences that fit your family’s needs so well that you couldn’t imagine ever letting them go! The homes we build are built to last due to the high-quality materials, labor, and standards we put into every home. 

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