Unique Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Unique Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

The powder room, the guest bath, the half bath, whatever you choose to call it; these small bathrooms are some of our absolute favorite rooms to create and remodel! Guest bathrooms are the perfect example of packing a punch in a small space with endless opportunities for distinctive design elements that show off your personality (and, not to mention, impress your guests!). Here are a handful of unique small bathroom remodel ideas to get your wheels turning when dreaming up your next renovation: 

Add a bold color

The beauty of a small bathroom is that you can go bold with color without it feeling too overwhelming! The powder room is the perfect place to let loose with your favorite colors and give an extra pop of personality to your stunning home. Our top tip: pick a statement color, then build a palette of complementary colors that accentuate it rather than distract from it. Select furniture, fixtures, and finishes that fall within the color scheme, and go to town! 

Get more floor space with a floating vanity

Every square inch is critical in a small bathroom remodel, so why not give yourself a little extra wiggle room with a floating vanity? Also called mounted vanities, these beautiful yet functional pieces are mounted to the wall itself rather than sitting on the floor, giving you extra floor space beneath the vanity and providing an overall sleeker, more customized look. Gaining back even those few square feet of space makes a gigantic difference in a small bathroom! 

patterned powder bathroom

Make a statement with pattern 

Another opportunity to go big in a small space: pattern! Bold wall-coverings, backsplashes, or floor tiles add a fun flair that’s sure to set you apart from all the other houses on the block. Unique designs like these are like little hidden gems for guests to discover on their trip to the loo! The color scheme of the bathroom can be integrated into the pattern or keep it neutral when you’re going for a busier pattern so it’s not too distracting. This is your chance to have a little fun!

Play with multiple light sources

Lighting is everything, especially when it comes to bathrooms! We hate to break it to you, but that single overhead light just won’t cut it; experiment with adding mirror-mounted sconces, unique vanity fixtures, or even chandeliers to add more even lighting throughout the entire room. Not only will multiple light sources help the room to feel bigger and brighter, but more well-rounded lighting also means better lighting when you or your guests take a peek in the mirror; no more scary faces staring back at you from harsh lighting!

mirror mounted sconces powder bathroom remodel

Create the illusion of more space

Mirror, mirror on the wall, how do I keep this space from feeling small? Mirrors are the golden ticket to creating the illusion of more space. Having several mirrors on different surfaces allows the light to bounce around (which is very important in any windowless room!) and helps the space to feel more open and bright. Try adding accent mirrors as decor, installing mirrors to sidewalls, or even just adding extra tabletop mirrors and see how much it opens up your space! 

bathroom wood paneling walls

Mix it up with texture

Not a fan of bold colors or patterns but still want to add some personality to your space? Try mixing it up with a unique texture or material! Sleek wood paneling, elegant trim details, or mixed materials can add depth and warmth to a small bathroom. Love the look of flame mahogany paneling in this powder room but can’t quite come to terms with the price tag? Here’s a little secret: this paneling is actually faux-painted! Painting paneling is an excellent way to achieve the same upscale look at a much lower cost point.

Feeling inspired yet? As a Chicago custom home remodeler, we know the importance of making every small space count, including the guest bathroom! We hope these small bathroom remodel ideas gave you a vision of how you can add some personality and spunk to your own space during your remodel. Ready to get started? Reach out to us and let us know how we can turn your vision into reality!