A Chicago Kitchen Renovation: Old World Meets New

A Chicago Kitchen Renovation: Old World Meets New

Living room from the dining room

Have you heard the phrase “go big or go home?” That phrase encapsulates how we feel about doing a Chicago kitchen renovation. The kitchen is the heart of the home and deserves to be treated as such, so a kitchen remodel is your opportunity to really pull out all the stops! Spiffing up the kitchen not only simplifies hosting and increases your home’s value, but it also provides more opportunities for connection with your family during everyday life. When the kitchen is a pleasant place to be, your family will naturally gravitate there and can create bonding experiences around cooking or just gabbing at the kitchen table. 

Come with us on a journey through a beloved Chicago kitchen renovation that we completed a few years back as part of a total home remodel. In this project, our goal was to create a home that married old-world European design sensibility with contemporary technologies and unique artisan details in this charming Lakeview home.

The first step was framing out the new space and mapping out where and how all of the gorgeous new kitchen amenities would go. Part of this kitchen design included a barrel-vaulted ceiling (which you can see starting to take shape in this photo), a design element that was used in several rooms throughout the home to tie the aesthetic together. You can also see a space carved out in between the two doorways, which is where a very special piece will be going later on in the design!

chicago kitchen remodel

Once our design team settled on a layout, it was time to craft and install custom cabinetry and lay the base for the stunning eat-in kitchen island that was to come. This stage of the project is where you can start to get a sense of flow for the room, physically seeing how elements are spaced out and envisioning how one would use and move through the kitchen. 

built-in china cabinet in kitchen

Up next was installing the show-stopper piece of this design: a custom built-in china cabinet. We framed out a space in the wall between the two doorways leading to the kitchen so the cabinet could be set into the wall itself, creating a unique design element for this family’s distinctive taste. The dark wood of the china cabinet ties into the base of the kitchen island, making these two pieces stand out from what will otherwise be a very white and light kitchen.

Last but not least, the finishing touches are put into place: cabinets are installed, top-of-the-line appliances set up, and light fixtures are assembled and artfully placed to complete the space. 

Et voilà! This beautiful Chicago kitchen renovation is complete and turned out just as stunning as we imagined it would. This expansive, eat-in, gourmet kitchen opens to the first floor great room and is also connected to the formal dining room via a walk-through butler’s pantry (pictured above). The barrel-vaulted ceiling is an understated way to add dimension and height to an already incredible space (design tip: ceilings painted a very soft blue appear even higher than they really are!).  We also love how the simple yet elegant light fixtures accentuate the barrel vault even further. 

To see more of this home and how this lovely kitchen tied into the rest of this home’s design, check out the full project here. If you’re ready to start designing the kitchen of your dreams in the greater Chicago area, send us a message and let’s get started on your own remodel journey!