Stone Countertops and Sealing Them

Stone Countertops and Sealing Them

The Last Countertop You’ll Ever Own

Who doesn’t love a huge slab of white stone on an island?  Clean, crisp and classic.  But when selecting a countertop material, all of us are focused on questions like: Will it stain?  Will it etch?  What kind of maintenance does it require?

The answers to these questions varies, depending on the type of material selected.  Every species of stone is different and the same organic properties that make them beautiful also cause different answers. Marble is the softest of all stones – easily stains and etches. Quartzite is more resilient, but still needs to be treated with care.  Granite is the toughest, but doesn’t come in pure white.

stoneguard surface protective film

So many options and so many valid concerns.  If it is white stone that you are after, we believe we have found a great solution! “Stone Guard” is a clear, polyethylene film with an acrylic adhesive basin that is heat-applied to the stone slab and protects the stone from acidic liquids that would otherwise stain and etch the stone. Developed for application on luxury cars to prevent chipping from stones and bugs, “Stone Guard” is now being successfully used in kitchens.  Ketchup, mustard and red wine are no longer a concern for staining.  Lemons, limes and tomatoes are no longer a concern.  Life can be lived in the kitchen of your dreams!

chicago custom kitchen with white stone countertops
This Middlefork kitchen features a 10’-long island clad in White Velvet Quartzite that has been protected from the four, young, naturally messy children in the house by “Stone Guard.”

Middlefork has actually put “Stone Guard” to the test.  One of our recent projects was for a family of six with four young children.  The kitchen features a 14’-foot-long island, containing a 10’-foot-slab of White Velvet Quartzite.  The family lives around the island every day…and serves plenty of meals that include ketchup.  And red Gatorade.  The “Stone Guard” has been in place for over a year and has prevented any staining or etching during that time.  (Please note, “Stone Guard” cannot withstand heat above 350 degrees, so think about its application carefully; next to a range might not be the best location.)

white kitchen in chicago with marble countertops
This chef’s kitchen boasts a beautiful slab of Statuary marble. With it’s stunning veining secured for years to come!

With the introduction of this product in the Chicago market, designers and consumers can be liberated when choosing their next countertop material.  It is just what you need to feel confident the next time you are cooking dinner with red sauce, serving red wine or gathering the children for an art project! Natural stone is beautiful and there’s no reason it can’t stay that way!

Middlefork looks to Top Installations when recommending “Stone Guard” to its clients.  It has the product and are experts at the installation.  No matter what the job, Top Installations has the experience and the capacity to fit your needs. They’re latest debut was on Kitchen Crashers, a television show produced for the DIY network. You can visit their website at