Selecting Custom Home Lighting

Selecting Custom Home Lighting

Light it Up!

First impressions matter… Have you ever entered a room and felt an immediate sense of warmth and comfort? What made you feel that way? Perhaps it’s the lighting – creating the “atmosphere” in a space is just as important as the lamp choice you make for the room. Think of lighting as self-expression.

A variety of light sources make your common areas more flexible. Ambient (overhead) lighting will come in handy when you’re hosting parties and thanks to the invention of the dimmer switch you can control the “mood”. Once you’ve decided on the overhead task lighting and planned the location of your key fixtures, it’s time to shop! We have honed in on three transitional fixtures that we love and where we get them.


“It’s not enough for an object to look great; it must be made to last for future generations to appreciate it.” – David Littman, Founder of Hudson Valley Lighting


The entry is the hand shake of the home… Pictured below is the “Modern Globe” pendant in polished nickel by Visual Comfort. The silhouette may be subtle but it’s the size that gives this fixture it’s presence!  Don’t be reluctant to go big when choosing your fixture, especially when you’re welcoming guests.

visual comfort globe light fixture in custom chicago homeThe Modern Globe pendant greets guests as they enter the home and their eye is drawn up by the barrel vaulted ceiling. Photographer – Aaron Gang

Our choice for the kitchen island is the “Alderly Globe” Pendant in polished nickel from Visual Comfort. The design of this fixture is just as important as the bulbs that illuminate it. It’s not only beautiful but practical – it’s closed design keeps it free from kitchen “gook”. This classically influenced design shines!

glass globe visual comfort light fixture in chicago luxury homeA close up look at the Alderly helps us see the intricate yet subtle detail. It enhances the kitchen island with it’s beautiful silhouette. Photographer – Aaron Gang

The third fixture we’d like to highlight is the “Middlebury” by Hudson Valley. We chose the Middlebury because we love the “pie crust” shape! It is a nod to the culinary arts and warm glow over the kitchen dining table looks amazing– very cool!

silver pendant light by hudson valley in chicago custom homeThe Middlebury pendant takes center stage above the kitchen dining table. Photographer – Aaron Gang

 You can find great installation shots of these fixtures and the rooms they’re in by visiting our website at and click on portfolios