While Middlefork's homes are luxurious, they are built for living first. They have a timeless elegance that is understated, with places for families, fun, and friendship.

Photo by Hedrich Blessing

Focused on building relationships as well as residences, we pride ourselves on working collaboratively with all of our clients. We keep the process transparent from budget to schedule, led by our team with a combined forty years of experience.

At Middlefork, we build homes that create a lifetime of memories.

We are proud members of the Home Builders Association of Greater ChicagoThe National Association of Home Builders, and the American Institute of Architects.


Every detail is crafted

We celebrate the skill it takes to ensure that every angle and every joint are properly fit.


Built by the best

We bring together the best talent in Chicago to craft a home that will last beyond a lifetime.


Understated elegance

We believe in beauty that is quiet and reserved, not ostentatious.


Timeless architecture

Our homes are designed to become a part of their neighborhood.



We are honest and open with our clients throughout all aspects of the process, from drawings to budget to schedule.


Focused on homeowners

We build relationships as well as homes, and embrace working collaboratively with all of our clients.